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"Guided Upland Bird Hunting In Traditional Style"
December - February
September - December
Catering to the foot hunter in pursuit of all wild game birds over classic pointing dogs, we have been in the guiding business for over 35 years. Hunt behind our world class Brittanies or bring your own dogs. We have a guide for you whether you choose ruffed grouse and woodcock in the forests of Wisconsin or three species of quail in Arizona. A brace of September woodcock followed by a covey of Mearns Quail in January, let Classic Bird Hunts provide wingshooting thrills. These hunts are not for the faint of heart as you will be walking miles in a days hunt, however heart stopping memories will be your reward. If you are looking for traditional style foot hunts over savvy pointing dogs, Classic Bird Hunts is the outfitter for you. Upland hunting and bird dogs is our passion and our life and we enjoy nothing more than sharing the tradition with you.
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We have exclusive quail hunting rights on the beautiful,
historic 30,000 acre Babacomari Ranch in Elgin, AZ.
The largest contiguous private parcel in Arizona.
3 species of all wild quail in epic surroundings!
We know the wilds of Northwestern Wisconsin as well as anyone.
Miilions of acres of Federal, State, County and Private Lands.
Arguably the finest ruffed grouse and woodcock hunting in the world.
You will be hunting relatively flat terrain mostly on trails through thickly forested cover. Birds moved will be directly proportional to miles walked. These birds don't come easy, they will challenge your skill and stamina, making a bird in the bag ever so sweet.
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Classic Bird Hunts
Shooting Sportsman Magazine article
January 20010