The dogs are what Classic Bird Hunts is all about.
These pups hunt wild birds in excess of 100 days each year. The rest of the year they are our house dogs. From the forests of Wisconsin to the deserts of Arizona our versatile companions adapt to the circumstances.
They all have their own individual personality and hunting style. Trust the dogs and you will be rewarded.
Boo Boo 8-3-04
Lucy 12-12-04
Spooner 3-27-08
Rudee 6-3-05
Tui 12-15-05
Ripley 1-28-10
Tuff 1-28-10
Stash 8-9-13
Caz 8-9-13
Rummy 3-12-15
Trumpkin 1-28-10
Maggie 1-28-10
Max 1-28-10
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Nissen's Classic Brittanys
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